The Ugliest House on the Block

Welcome to The Ugliest House on the Block. WE-tv invited me to be part of this new series and design the exterior makeovers of the homes we worked on. The houses we worked on were submitted by neighbors who were just plain sick of looking at the neighborhood eyesore any longer. The nominators did not get off scot-free though; they had to volunteer their time along side all of us and the family to complete these enormous transformations.

I worked very closely with every member of each family involved to hear exactly what they liked and wanted to see from this makeover. I wanted to create something that they would be happy with for a long time to come so I got to know the families very well through the entire design and construction process.

Designing for southern Florida was a huge challenge for me since I'd never had to deal with local building codes and departments before, especially in a hurricane prone portion of the United States. It turned out to be a major learning experience for me and a lot of fun and hard work.

The families were all so helpful and appreciative for the difference we made in their lives and the life of the community. From beginning to end it was a very positive experience for everyone involved.

Our team is fantastic! We have a great host, Chris Leary, who brings the right amount of enthusiasm and wit to a situation where we are telling folks that, well, their house is The Ugliest House on the Block. It was a joy to work with him. Check out his website to learn more.

He also taught me about an amazing material from the folks at Under Armour that you wear under your clothes and eliminates sweat marks. I could not understand why this guy never broke a sweat in hot, muggy Florida. Well, it's truly unbelievable; it has changed my life.

Our carpenter is James Lunday from In a Fix who is just the nicest guy and you girls are going to love his Australian accent. He was a tremendous help in realizing my design dreams for these families and I know he had a super fun time crafting some rather big construction undertakings.

Last but not least we have Red Barrone, our amazing landscape artist and a local from the Florida area. He was my right hand man in creating the final look for these homes by landscaping the beautiful flora available in these tropical areas and that would never, ever thrive in my home state of New York. He is just a fun, regular dude who's a ball to watch and has a lot to teach.

Check out The Ugliest House on the Block Fridays at 10 pm on WE-tv.

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