Holy smokes is that grout?

by Leslie Segrete  |  on 12-09-2014

When it comes to home improvement projects, don't think the pros don't make mistakes as well. On a trip out to Los Angeles, I stayed at a very well designed boutique hotel. The room was beautifully appointed and didn't miss out on one design detail. From a gas fireplace to a mid century design, the room was both gorgeous and comfortable. After an amazing nine hours of kid free sleep, I awoke to take the best shower in design luxury.

But when I reached for the bathrobe behind the door, I noticed this.

Oops, did someone forget to wipe away the grout haze sufficiently? See, even the pros goof.

Well, here's how YOU can achieve a clean tile look when applying grout. First of all, have the right type of grout. If you are using a large tile with a large grout line, you need sanded grout. The sand is a filler that helps to fill the larger space. If you are using a smaller tile, then go with non-sanded grout. Apply your grout, and give it some time to set up. Once that's done, you need a clean sponge and fresh clean water. Wipe off the grout and rinse the sponge as you go, to avoid spreading grout further. Always use a clean sponge. Be sure to not wipe out the grout, so don't be too aggressive. Then take a piece of burlap and wet it. Wipe the tile again. Make sure you rinse the burlap as you're wiping to avoid spreading more grout around. After you've completely wiped with the burlap, go back to clean sponge and clean water. This was a trick I learned straight from Tom Silva of "This Old House," so you know he knows exactly what he's doing! And now you will too.

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